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Affiliate Links

The primary purpose of this site is to maintain a collection of affiliate and referral links. Most of your interactions will be just bouncing in and back out to the affiliate or referral link.

I use these links in my emails, social media accounts, and other locations. Most of the links within the site are affiliate or reward links. It's like using a Bit.ly link, but one that I control 100%.

An affiliate link means that if you use that link, the company may reward me with a small commission or some other sort of valuable reward like a store credit or free products.

Sometimes the products in reviews or mentions have been provided to me for free.

The links are meant to give me credit for sending you as a visitor and potential customer. I appreciate it when you use my links and let me reassure you that using my links doesn't cost you anything. In some cases, I've arranged with the company to give me special discounts I can pass on to you.

Please use my links when possible and know that you're helping me every time, thank you!

If you want to see some of the latest promotional links I've added, go to the promo section.


Reviews are not affected by free products. Any product I refer to is a product I've personally used or currently use and continue to recommend.


When I feel like a product no longer fits the quality I expect, I may issue a correction to notify you and anybody else about the change, this is published on the site info area in the corrections area, and in any links that were attributed to that company/product.