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  1. ♻️  Greengeeks – Terrific web host. I use them for client and personal websites. Environmentally friendly!
  2. Aweber – Email marketing, autoresponders, landing pages and more. FREE and paid.
  3. Coinbase – Earn and trade crypto. Easiest way to buy Bitcoin. Sign up, you get $10.00, I get $10.00.
  4. 👌🏽  Elementor – My favorite WordPress Theme and Page builder. Easy to build landing pages on WordPress.
  5. 👌🏽  Kadence – My other favorite WordPress Theme builder. (I use both Elementor and Kadence together sometimes).
  6. 👍🏼  WordPress Hosting – A random recommended webhosting provider for WordPress – I use them all!
  7. 🔥  Crowd Cow – When I want fancy steaks. Perfect for at-home dates with the wife!
  8. Oscar Gonzalez Blog – My blog.
  9. Oscar Gonzalez Web Development – Let me help you build your business.
  10. 🔥  Screenflow – Video editing & screen recording. I love how it separates the mouse, video, and desktop. Great for teaching or creating demos.
  11. 🔐 👍🏼 🔥  LastPass – My recommended passowrd and secure notes manager. I use & recommend the pro version.
  12. Grammarly. – Fix your grammar, fix your tone, fix your spelling. Today, done and done! 🔥🌟
  13. Grasshopper. – 800 number and voice over ip for your business. Vanity numbers, multiple extensions, etc.
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