Crowd Cow Ad

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Do I love them? Heck yeah!

I wanted to email you this but you were not on my email list. So check this out, this is what Crowd Cow is about.

Should you try them? For sure.

You should definitely check them out – They're an online marketplace for food that is taste-tested and sourced to the highest standards of quality.

Try it today and get $25 to try out Crowd Cow's most amazing offerings – 100% grass-fed beef, Wagyu beef, heritage pork, pasture-raised chicken, or sustainably caught seafood.

Everything is free of antibiotics and growth hormones, and arrives frozen at peak freshness. They even offer sides, desserts, and vegetarian options.

To start building your first order, Just go to

With every Crowd Cow order, customers are supporting independent farms, improving animal welfare, doing their part for the environment, and making a healthy choice for the mouths they feed.

Hope you'll give it a try!

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